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Related Case Studies

Shoulder Patient Education

Providing surgeon-customers with an effective assembly of educational tools to help patients better understand treatment options.

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Robotic Knee Platform

Our client needed to demonstrate the workflow for their robotic knee platform and address issues with original models that were not anatomically correct and were being broken during transport.

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Forefoot Sales Kits

Nextremity Solutions was launching a comprehensive forefoot plating system requiring a full range of solutions.

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Forefoot Model Lazy Susan

A product manager needed a display solution for booth visitors at trade shows that was capable of displaying a broad variety of the client's forefoot implant portfolio. This rotating display maximizes limited countertop space.

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Oncology and Salvage Arthroplasty Exhibit

LinkBio needed a tabletop exhibit designed to incorporate all of their implant solutions into clear acrylic bone models.

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Upper Extremities Sales Kits

A flexible sales kit was developed to showcase a broad selection of reconstruction implants.

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Hip Stem & Acetabular Cup Replicas

ConforMIS needed to provide examples of their femoral stems and acetabular cups for their hip replacement system without depleting their launch quantities.

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Oversized Implant Models of the Knee

Our client wanted trade show visitors to have a tactile experience and to be able to feel the added conformity and biomechanical relationship of a new tibial insert.

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Medartis Clear Acrylic Box

Our team created a simple, yet elegant, way of presenting smaller items that are easily lost and tough to keep straight.

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